Meet the Team

We have been a team for over 25 years, and we started the Poole Resource Group to take that strong connection to our clients. This team is just the start of a larger community of people that are the resource behind our brand.


Bob Poole

I have printing and music in my soul. I started working for my parents, Ray and Arlene Poole when I was fifteen. I became hands-on in printing, doing everything from deliveries, to sales and marketing. As part owner of Dome, Northern California’s leading family owned commercial printing company, I learned the value of having strong relationships with your employees, clients, vendors and the community.

Deciding to create the Poole Resource Group has given me the outlet to use my resources and put them to use for our community. I can harness my energy into connecting like-minded people to support great causes, create exciting events and continue to produce amazing print.

When I’m not busy making connections, you’ll usually find me on the soccer field watching my girls play. I also enjoy playing music with a great group of talented musicians and play with Oh! The band. Oh! Is a local rock and roll cover band that I organized with friends looking for an escape from our work reality.

I’m also a gentleman farmer! Along with my wife Jennifer, daughters Baylee and Summer we wrangle 7 chickens, 5 dogs, one cat and a pony while tending to our booming garden. If that’s not enough fun, our oldest daughter Abby has a little boy Oliver and I’m lucky enough to be his Papa.


Amy Labowitch

I have always worn many hats and the black wide rimmed feathery one that goes with everything is, managing details. Whether it be people, print or an event, I enjoy the creative energy and collaboration that goes into everything.

I have a Communication/Marketing degree from California State University Sacramento and a minor in Theatre Arts, but the experiences I use most are the jobs I held while putting myself through college. After graduation I joined “the circus” and managed political campaigns throughout California. In that decade I learned I can manage just about any big show - from a campaign to a convention.

Taking the print and mailing skills I acquired coordinating statewide direct mail campaigns, I joined a small family owned print company named Dome. For 26 years, I was a key employee as it became Northern California’s leading family owned commercial printing company. This is where I wore most of my hats – sales, customer service manager, marketing manager and chief morale officer.

When not working, I share my hats with my husband Jeff, son David, daughter Emily and son-in-law Gage. My family is not afraid to wear hats especially on stage or in one of their other creative outlets.

The Next Step

The Poole Resource Group wants to help you be more amazing. Tell us more about your project or how we can be a resource for you.